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Military Scholarships

National Guard Tuition Waiver

The Oklahoma National Guard Tuition Waiver is established as an incentive for qualified young men and women to join the Oklahoma National Guard and as a means to retain skilled, productive citizens within the state.


A student who is a member of the Oklahoma National Guard shall be eligible for a full resident tuition waiver, provided the student:
  1. Is a bona fide member of the Oklahoma National Guard at the beginning of the semester for which he/she is applying for a scholarship or by the scholarship application deadline determined by the institution.
  2. Has been certified as a member in good standing by the Adjunct General.
  3. Is an Oklahoma resident.
  4. Does not currently hold a baccalaureate or graduate degree.
  5. Meets all admission and retention requirements of the institution.


The student is required to submit a Statement of Understanding and Certificate of Basic Eligibility each semester for which he/she is applying for the waiver. The certification form is to be signed by a commander or representative of the Oklahoma National Guard. This signature certifies that the student is in good standing with the National Guard and that the National Guard member agrees to abide by all program rules and procedures. The form is to be forwarded by the student to the institution he/she wishes to attend by the deadline determined by the institution.

Enrollment Requirements

A student meeting all of the program eligibility requirements will be awarded a full resident tuition waiver, provided the student:
  1. Is enrolled in a program of study leading to an associate degree or a baccalaureate degree.
  2. Is enrolled in a minimum of three hours per term.
  3. Has submitted a plan for the completion of his/her degree with the Oklahoma National Guard.
  4. Is not a concurrently enrolled high school student.

Waivers will not be awarded for courses leading to a certificate, continuing education courses or career technology courses which are not counted towards a degree program at another institution. Concurrently enrolled high school students are not eligible for this tuition waiver. The tuition waiver is not applicable to professional programs that do not require an earned degree.

Amount of Award

A resident tuition waiver covers the cost of resident tuition for all courses for which resident tuition is charged. The student is responsible for all other fees: special course fees, student activity and facility fees, assessment fees and others. A student may receive a waiver for a maximum of 18 semester credit hours each semester, for up to six years from the date of first application.

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