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Career-Related Scholarships

George and Donna Nigh Public Service Scholarship

The George and Donna Nigh Public Service Scholarship was established by the 1999 Oklahoma Legislature to provide scholarship opportunities to outstanding students who are preparing for careers in public service. A component of the scholarship program is participation in seminars on public service offered by the Nigh Institute. Each college and university may nominate one scholarship recipient per year.


  1. Scholarship recipients must be residents of the state of Oklahoma as determined by the State Regents.
  2. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full time in an undergraduate program at a public or private college or university in the state of Oklahoma.
  3. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled in a degree program leading to a career in public service as determined by the institution.
  4. Students receiving the scholarship must demonstrate exceptional academic achievement as evidenced by a number of factors which may include grade point average, class rank, national awards, scholastic achievement, honors, teachers' recommendations and the applicant's involvement in extracurricular activities.


Presidents of Oklahoma colleges and universities will be invited to submit a nominee for consideration of award prior to the beginning of the spring semester. An advisory committee appointed by the George and Donna Nigh Institute will review and approve the nominations and make announcement of awards.

Amount of Scholarship

  1. The annual award amount is $1,000.
  2. Scholarships will be awarded on a yearly basis and are not renewable.
  3. Each participating college or university may nominate one scholarship recipient each year.

For Further Information

Nigh Institute
Jarrett Jobe
University of Central Oklahoma
ADM 104C, Box 109
100 N. University Drive
Edmond, OK 73034