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Right-to-Try Opportunities

Special Opportunity Admission (all tiers)

Any student who has not graduated from high school but has earned a composite ACT score of 32 or combined critical reading and mathematics SAT score of 14201 may apply for admission at any public institution in the State System. The college or university will determine admissibility based on test scores, evaluation of the student's level of maturity and ability to function in the adult college environment, and whether the experience will be in the best interest of students intellectually and socially.

Summer Provisional Admission Program (research and regional universities)

Students who have met the State Regents' curricular requirements for admission but have not satisfied the ACT or high school performance requirements may be admitted if they successfully complete summer course work (no grade lower than a "C"). To qualify, students must have a minimum composite ACT score of 18 for research universities (Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma) and 17 for regional universities OR a minimum high school GPA of 2.5. At OU, this admission opportunity is not available to nonresidents and is available to resident applicants only if all resident applicants on the waiting list have been admitted.

Summer Curricular Deficiency Program (regional universities)

Students who have met the State Regents' performance requirements for admission but have two or less high school course deficiencies may attain entry by successfully completing the relative summer course work with no grade lower than a "C."

Alternative Admission (research and regional universities)

Institutions may admit up to 8 percent of freshmen or 50 freshmen (whichever is higher) who do not meet regular admission criteria.

Adult Admission

Students 21 years of age and older or on active military duty are eligible for admission to any college or university based on criteria established at the campus. Non-high school graduates whose high school class has graduated and who have participated in the ACT or SAT are eligible for open admission to any two-year college.


1This score is valid for SATs administered on or after March 5, 2016. This score is based on the ACT/SAT Concordance Table that was published in 2018. This score is subject to change.


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