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Ask Faith

Got a question about high school planning? Ask Faith! Ask Faith a question.

Dear Faith: I hate math, but I need it to get into college. How can I learn to like math?

Faith says:

First of all, don't panic! Not everyone likes math, and that's fine. We all have subject matters we like more than others. You may never learn to love math, but you can learn to hate it less.

Math is required for many courses, so you're smart to tackle your math phobia. The good news is that math has many practical applications in everyday life. Instead of thinking of the subject as a lot of abstract numbers, it might help you to try some real-life applications to see how useful and important math can be.

Find the career articles for the careers you're interested in and check out the Real-Life Math exercises in the Get Started section. You'll find that practically every career uses math in some way -- and that when you're using math for something you're interested in, it doesn't have be frightening.

Thanks for writing!